Family Therapy

Family harmony sometimes seems out of reach; relationships and dynamics between siblings and between children and parents change as years go by. Counseling is often a healthy way to reconnect families and help them build the skills necessary to strengthen the family bond.

You know your family better than anyone, but sometimes getting to root of problems means taking a fresh look at the family dynamic. At Bloom Behavioral Health Partners, our counselors take a 360-degree look at families as a whole and believe in healing families as a whole. Collaboratively, we explore relationships within the family and how they influence the family dynamic, with a particular eye toward the family to child link. Often, family therapy is initiated by or on behalf of a child or adolescent who is having a difficult time in life, coping with such issues as an impending divorce or grieving a loss. The rest of the family joins them in therapy to provide support.

Our therapists work with families to help open up communication between parents and children or between siblings; to find healthy ways to resolve conflict; or to cope with troubling situations as a family unit. Call us today; we’d welcome to opportunity to sit down with you alone or with you and your family and get to know you and how we can help you.