Group Therapy

We believe in the strength that group therapy brings to the individual as well as the group as a whole. In large or small groups, you can find support and make lasting connections as you work through the therapeutic process. Group therapy is an excellent way to:

Strengthen and hone your communication skills while also learning to actively listen to the people around you.

Share your personal experiences and hear what others have to say in a safe, therapist-facilitated environment.

Feel a part of a community and learn that you’re not alone, no matter what you are going through.

Groups form as needed; some start small and grow with time, while others are intentionally kept to a smaller size depending on the needs of the group. We meet in person as well as through safe, HIPAA-compliant virtual sessions. In addition to offering our own groups, we also consult clients on how to start their own groups and have helped many successful and lasting groups form and grow.

Whether you join a group to help you decompress after a therapy session or to share your thoughts and ideas with people who have similar struggles or goals, you’ll find a welcome place for healthy discussions.

Current Groups

Nurturing Parenting Group, Virtual
Meets every Tuesday for 7 weeks
Begins October 24, 2023