Therapy for Children and Teens

Even the most well-rounded children and teenagers experience anxiety as they grow and learn. Navigating school, friends, and family can be a daily struggle; difficult events, trauma, and anxiety often add to an already challenging situation. Counseling can help.

At Bloom Behavioral Health Partners, our approach to counseling for children and teenagers varies depending on the age and needs of the client, but in all situations we hold a central belief in the importance of parental engagement and in parents and children building life skills together.

We start by setting up an initial meeting with parents to build a foundational relationship with both parent and child; we also often include parents in initial therapy sessions with the child, depending on the child’s comfort level and how he or she is responding to therapy. You know your child best; we collaborate with you and your child to determine the best way to move forward and whether you will be present in each of your child’s counseling sessions. Along the way, we keep you engaged and informed about how your child’s therapy is progressing and the milestones your child is reaching.

Teens in counseling often prefer to meet with their counselors alone privately, but we nevertheless stress the importance of your involvement in your teen’s counseling. We strive to support the family as a whole and highly encourage parental involvement and check-ins.

We view all children and teens as individuals, with their own unique set of personal goals and challenges. We know the decision to start therapy for your child or teen is difficult and that matching your child with the right therapist can be daunting. We welcome you to call our office to talk with us personally to learn more about how we can help your child.

Please note: If you are a teen who is uncomfortable initiating counseling with your parents’ involvement, you may meet with a counselor without your parents’ support. If you would like to speak privately with a counselor, please set up a meeting.